In today’s changing and dynamic environment, mining companies continuously need to assess, develop and implement strategies to ensure they position themselves for growth and harness future opportunities whilst ensuring costs are kept under control. Organizations need to consider and test their strategies relating to portfolio investment, capital allocation, financing, tax, supply chain, people and stakeholder management.


KPMG’s thought leadership provides mining sector participants with insight into these business challenges and issues, enabling them to make better decisions faster. KPMG assists clients with a number of strategic solutions to develop and implement go-to-market programs focused on driving targeted growth and investment and reducing costs.


Portfolio management Scenario planning Strategy development People and change Tax

Portfolio management: Providing guidance in relation to the management of a small to diverse range of investments and projects. Starting with the strategic implications of asset allocation up to project selection and capital allocation

Scenario planning: Developing and testing potential future strategies to assist with business decision making

Strategy development: Developing business and related strategies to drive company direction and enhance growth and / or reduce costs

People and change: Developing and managing people to enhance strategies once formulated and implementable

Tax strategy: Developing global and country specific tax strategies to plan for current and future tax costs and to contribute to tax policy development


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Global Mining Leader
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