In the face of fluctuating demand and price volatility, mining companies are relentlessly striving to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, improve processes, control costs and enhance profitability. From supply chains and supplier management to shared services, outsourcing and IT and disposal of non-core assets, the sector’s largest companies continue to benefit from transaction-related synergies.


KPMG’s thought leadership provides mining sector participants with insight into these business challenges and issues, enabling them to make better decisions faster. KPMG helps to enhance operational excellence to optimize cost, drive growth and shareholder value.


Operating model development Cost and tax optimization Supply chain transformation Business intelligence Business Transformation (HR/IT/Finance)

Operating model development: Optimizing business models to enhance operational excellence and business performance

Cost and tax optimization: Managing cost and tax obligations effectively to enhance company value

Supply chain transformation: Leveraging supply chain opportunities to deliver better business performance

Business intelligence: Leveraging industry knowledge and striving for continuous improvement

Business transformation (HR/IT/Finance/Tax): Enhancing core ‘business levers’ to drive company and shareholder value, including driving tax performance



Harmeet Katari
Mining Operational Excellence Lead – Africa
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