KPMG's Mining practice in Africa provides our member firms' clients with services on a global basis through industry professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by mining companies.

KPMG member firms’ mining clients operate in many countries and have a diverse range of needs. In each of these countries, we have local practices that understand the mining industry’s challenges, regulatory requirements and preferred practices.


It is this local knowledge, supported and coordinated through KPMG’s regional mining centers, that helps to ensure our mining clients consistently receive high-quality services and advice tailored to their specific challenges, conditions, regulations and markets. We offer global connectivity through our 14 dedicated mining centres in key locations around the world, working together as one global network. They are a direct response to the rapidly evolving mining sector and the resultant challenges that industry players face. Located in or near areas that traditionally have high levels of mining activity, we have centres in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Singapore, Toronto, Vancouver, Beijing, Moscow, Johannesburg, London, Denver and Mumbai. These centres support mining companies around the world, helping them to anticipate and meet their business challenges.  For more information, visit


Mining organizations encounter different challenges throughout the mining asset lifecycle. KPMG’s experienced global mining team can assist clients throughout the entire mining asset lifecycle, including from expansion through to closure.


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