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The building and construction industry produces enormous revenues and provides direct employment to millions of people, locally and globally. KPMG’s Building and Construction practice offers relevant Audit, Tax and Advisory services to meet the needs of a diverse and discriminating client base.
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While the business landscape has shifted, the underlying necessities to effectively compete have not changed. To survive and grow, Engineering & Construction (E&C) companies must continuously develop and maintain customer relationships, achieve technical excellence and retain skilled labour pools, and manage significant risks. Moving forward, E&C companies must look for new ways to address existing challenges, mitigate risks, and seize future opportunities, amidst increasingly aggressive competition and pricing pressures. While some may be tempted to focus on short-term wins to the detriment of long-term profitability, KPMG’s holistic approach can help E&C companies take a big-picture view to explore the appropriate paths forward.


Our global Building & Construction team believes it is essential for E&C firms to focus on the following key goals:


increased efficiency


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Global Construction Survey 2015: Climbing the curve

Global Construction Survey 2015
KPMG’s 2015 Global Construction Survey focuses on the challenges facing project owners as they seek to climb the maturity curve.