An independent audit is the foundation for decision-making in the capital markets. Stakeholders seek responsible and objective opinion from independent auditors and the fundamental goal of our auditor professionals in the UAE is to provide this assurance.

At KPMG in the UAE, we are committed to providing a constructive and challenging audit. Now and again, marketplace feedback, from both large quoted and growing businesses, confirms that our audit opinion is robust and commercially focused.

While our businesses continue to operate amidst various market challenges, shareholders and stakeholders world over demand high levels of assurance. The objective of KPMG’s auditors is to perform with integrity and provide the robust and independent opinion crucial for decision making in the capital markets.

Our Audit service offering is supported by key pillars that ensure consistency and quality is maintained:


  • Sound Technical know-how: Our professionals bring knowledge to the table with in-depth sector expertise to help provide a timely, credible and a no-surprises audit
  • Insight: Having worked closely with the regions key players, our professionals are equipped to bring to the table key market insights on issues that could impact key management decisions
  • Focused and integrated approach: KPMG’s audit offering in the UAE is integrated across KPMG International's member firms to uphold standards of quality and consistency, across the world. Our client centric approach helps us deliver solutions that address your immediate business need
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Muhammad Tariq
Head of Audit – KPMG in the UAE 

Financial statement Audit

KPMG in the UAE provides independent audit services that can validate and  help to enhance the reliability and credibility of organizations' financial reporting.



Audit Related Services

KPMG in the UAE assists clients with a range of audit related services in the areas of compilation audits, reports on internal controls, review reports, agreed upon procedures and audit of prospective financial information.

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