At KPMG in the UAE, you can find challenging opportunities in an environment that recognizes and rewards exceptional performance. We seek experienced individuals capable of delivering a wide range of value-added services to our clients, while helping them to confront today's critical issues head on.

To help you capitalize on these opportunities, we have implemented several programs to help attract the best and brightest people and we are striving to make KPMG a place where you will want to stay and build your professional career.


At KPMG in the UAE, our people are our most valued asset. We understand that client service delivery, client relationships, organisational growth and a strong brand are built by the people that make KPMG. Our teams comprise professionals representing diverse industries, bringing rich work experience, subject matter specialization and technical skill.

Our Values and Culture

Amidst our diverse work force, KPMG Values form the common thread that links KPMG people across the world and forms the very fabric of our shared identity.


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KPMG has always regarded its former employees as a valuable and significant part of its community. To extend and nurture this network of business professionals, KPMG in the UAE has set up an alumni program.

Contact Us

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