Tax Governance, Risk and Compliance 

Risks are unavoidable, but they can be managed. Tax Governance, Risk and Compliance (Tax GRC) is a structured approach to create transparent tax processes and handle risks in an intelligent way, which leads to more predictable outcome and leaves room for proactively catching surprises before they turn into high risks.

How can our Tax GRC Team assist you?

Our Tax GRC specialists offer solid and highly qualified advisory and compliance services related to the tax processes, e.g. transfer pricing, VAT, year-end tax reporting, employee taxes etc. By identifying and mapping key processes and inherent risks, we create transparency to design efficient internal controls to decrease, monitor, report or preferably mitigate the risks. We are happy to elaborate or comment on questions your company may have in that regard. Our services amongst other include:
  • Tax processes overview and mapping
    • We can assist with the mapping of the tax processes, e.g. transfer pricing, VAT, employee taxes etc.
  • Risk assessment, internal controls and process improvements
    • With an in-depth understanding of the processes from both financial, operational and tax perspectives, we can assist in identifying the inherent risks and current internal controls and assessing the risks and describing the controls. We also recommend process improvements for both risk mitigation and operational effectiveness – always with effectiveness on our agenda to prevent surprises from happening and catching risks in the earliest possible state.
  • Implementation
    • We can assist in implementation of changes to the tax processes e.g. changes to ERP, monitoring improvements, improved controlling activities through design of automated controls, IT tools and communication about the complexity and importance of tax governance, etc.
  • Training
    • We are pleased to engage in training activities and presentations to provide understanding, tools and skills to assess tax GRC from a practical point of view.
  • Design of automated IT solutions
    • Through in-depth understanding of the tax processes and risks, we can assist, create and define user requirements and translate this into documents applicable for the internal or external IT supplier to prepare the coding necessary.

How can you benefit? 

Our team possess an understanding of operational business processes from both the finance and tax perspective. Through this, we are able to tailor our GRC services to help meet your company's challenges and culture. With our clients, we enhance tax governance, manage risk and provide assurance on control effectiveness. In choosing us, you can experience and benefit from the personality and agility of a small firm and the skills of a big one.

Why choose us

Our core Tax GRC team consists of professionals with extensive experience from risk management, internal controls, process optimization and audit. Together with the subject matter experts from KPMG Acor Tax, we share a passion for providing top of class strategies and operational advantages for all our clients.

Contact Us

Simon Schaadt

Simon Schaadt

Tax Partner

+45 5374 7044

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