South Africa

Corporate Recovery 

With the number of liquidations escalating from year to year and commerce becoming more and more credit-driven, corporate entities and individuals are increasingly being put at risk of either exposure to irrecoverable debts or not being able to settle debts, or both.

    The business problem is thus twofold. In the first instance, specialist input is required in order to minimise risk when granting credit, while at the same time ensuring that economic viability is maintained.


    On the other hand, once the need for the liquidation of a corporate entity or the insolvency of an individual has been established, there is a requirement that the liquidation process be administered to the best advantage of creditors. Banks, other financial institutions and large corporate entities are in particular need of these services.


    Our range of offerings includes:


    • liquidation and insolvency administration
    • voluntary liquidation services
    • curator bonis services
    • administration of deceased estates
    • exit strategy advisory.


Gavin Gainsford

Gavin Gainsford


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