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Forensic Technology  

Forensic technology is becoming vital in preventing and detecting fraud and misconduct and in quantifying and recovering losses. Our services include pre-litigation readiness, data analytics and evidence and discovery management.

Frans Triegaardt

Frans Triegaardt


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We also offer analysis at the data, document and issues level to support forensic investigation and litigation work with industry-specific insight and depth.


Our network of teams in consists of Forensic technology professionals including project managers, process specialists, software developers, help desk and technical support personnel to assist clients with project scoping, review workflow, productions and project execution.


Our Forensic Technology services cover these main areas:


  • Computer forensics
  • Digital evidence acquisition and analysis
  • Forensic data analysis
  • Proactive Forensic Data Analysis: K-Trace
  • EMA Forensic Data Centre (EFDC)
  • E-Discovery
  • Project management of the process from data recovery through to discovery
  • Recovery and analysis of digital material
  • Recovery and analysis of traditional paper-based material
  • Intelligent data processing, including the elimination of duplication and the extraction of metadata (‘hidden’ data underlying electronic documents)
  • Facilities for identification and review of key documents
  • Preparation and delivery of court bundles.

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