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Dispute Advisory Services  

KPMG’s Forensic Dispute Advisory Services (DAS) team can provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of services to address the dispute, be it advice to avoid disputes, assistance to resolve disputes, litigation support or expert witness services.

KPMG’s Dispute Advisory Services can assist clients and their legal advisors during potential costly and disruptive disputes and litigation. We deliver a wide range of Dispute Advisory Services to help manage and resolve commercial disputes. This assistance may include the assessment of damages or the review of accounting, auditing and finance related issues. We can also assist with e-Discovery processes and solutions.

Our Dispute Advisory Services include:


  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
    Alternative Dispute Resolution is a form of resolution other than litigation or adjudication through courts. It is informal, cost-effective, less cumbersome and less adversarial and entails a speedier process of resolving disputes. KPMG can assist with alternative dispute resolution through arbitration, mediation and expert determination.

    Although our expertise includes arbitration and mediation, we are uniquely qualified in giving expert determinations because of our in-depth accounting knowledge and legal background. Furthermore, we also tend to consider and advocate a solution based on commercial principles.

  • Expert Witness
    KPMG can act as independent expert witness to one or more parties in a dispute. As such, we can act as an expert witness in litigation (civil or criminal), arbitration, mediation and expert determination work.
    Our expertise covers areas of liability, professional negligence, matrimonial disputes, quantification of losses or damages, insurance claims and share and business valuations.

  • Quantification of loss or damages
    Our qualification and experience in accounting and legal matters allows us to quantify losses or damages on your behalf. Such qualifications can be used for insurance claims, disputes or litigation.

  • Forensic Transaction Services
    Disputes are predictable and therefore avoidable. We use our knowledge of disputes proactively to advise clients on clauses in draft sale and purchase agreements before they are signed. This service includes advising on balance sheets, warranty, net assets and earn-out issues, but is not restricted to these only.

  • Evidence Management
    KPMG offers an evidence management system that caters for client needs. One of the challenges facing litigation is the amount of information available in a matter, whether in hard copy or electronic format. We are able to combine all such evidence into one electronic database, searchable by key words, thereby simplifying the investigation process. Where litigation parties agree, discovery can also be done in this electronic format.
    Our experience includes forensic technology specialists and forensic investigators with the knowledge and the software applications to support these services.