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Clean water is an essential resource to human life. We use it for our personal consumption, for our agriculture, and for our industry. Yet under current population growth and urbanization trends, as much as two-thirds of the world’s population may live in areas with physical or economic scarcity of this precious resource in as little as next 10 years.

In both water scarce and water rich regions, continued growth of agriculture, industry and urban consumption patterns drives both increased demand for clean water and increased costs for controlling pollution and protecting natural ecosystems. Yet at the same time as water scarcity is intensifying around the world, and water pollution is increasing costs of avoiding ecosystem degradation, extreme weather, floods, and other incidences of excess water are also on the rise. KPMG seeks to provide some context to this complex discussion and a few examples of how leading organisations around the world are managing their water issues.


KPMG offers support across the water cycle from tap and back. This includes the full spectrum of activities involved in management of the natural resource, the abstraction of water and it management as a service followed by the management of safe and sustainable collection and discharge of wastewater back into the natural resource.



Our Experience
We have advised South African entities on the following water projects.
Our Team
Meet our team of forward-thinking experts have the global insight and local knowledge to help you manage the water cycle.
What we do Our Team


Our Service Offering

KPMG offers the following services within the water sector:

KPMG’s Water and Sanitation team helps both public and private sector clients address the specific and immediate issues relating to sustainability, as well as helping with longer-term strategic planning.

The team has a unique blend of skills, experience and tools, as well as scale and reach in all water service areas:


  • Strategy and Development
  • Procurement and Financing
  • Water resource Management
  • Water services, Operations and Maintenance
  • Water conservation and Demand Management.

Value Proposition

Strategic Themes:

  • Infrastructure Development
    - Backlogs
    - Operation and Maintenance
    - Funding Models


  • Water Balance Supply vs Demand
    - Model
    - Non-Revenue Water


Operational Themes

  • Improvement of Water Service Delivery
  • Integration of Water and Sanitation Services

Membership Alliances

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) – Member
WBCSD Water Leadership Group, focused on the water energy and food nexus and water stewardship initiatives – Member
GRI Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
ISO TC 207 – International Organisation for Standardisation Technical
Environment Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce – Member


  • Commission Environmental Management
  • International Auditing and Accounting Standards Board (IAASB)

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Tshidi Mokgabudi
Chairperson: Advisory
Tel: +27 11 647 6735

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