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Human and social services is a broad term that encompasses all of the government services related to citizen’s economic and social welfare. The ‘basket’ of services tends to include a wide range of activities such as: early childhood and youth development; child welfare; income security; nutritional support; employment training/welfare to work; seniors support; disability services; and social housing and other services aimed at preventing homelessness.

While the term ‘human and social services’ is rather than certainly not universally used, all functioning governments around the world provide a level of these services to at least part of their population.


South Africa's social welfare sector is one of the largest in the developing world and has had a large impact on reducing income inequality.


Human and social services agencies tend to occupy a unique place in the government service provision world. Unlike revenue agencies, tourism or even health services, human and social services agencies do not tend to directly recoup their costs or drive revenues for government, but rather provide essential services to sections of the population in need.

16 Days of Activism

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Improving Services, Improving Lives


KPMG is committed to contributing to a better South Africa for all. As an indication of that commitment and passion, KPMG has a dedicated Human and Social Services (HSS) practice which serves public, private, NGO and multi-national organizations in their work to support communities and vulnerable or disadvantaged populations.


Our team of professionals brings together a wealth of experiences, insightful research and practical advice. Supported by a global Centre of Excellence for HSS, the hands-on experience and deep knowledge we have gained from working with governments and stakeholders around the world combined with our local insights allows us to tailor solutions to fit our clients’ needs.


Download the KPMG HSS brochure (PDF 2.62MB)

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Find out how KPMG's global network serves the human and social services sector

Our capabilities in the human and social services sector spans the full spectrum of services that are in demand around the world. Whether it is tax, audit or advisory services, KPMG professionals deliver integrated and holistic strategies that reflect the local needs of our firms’ clients.


We want to hear your point of view on human and social services. Contact your local KPMG Human and Social Services team, or email us at



Roy Muller
Tel: +27 (0)83 397 3319



Lisa Gahan
Principal Consultant
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Merilyn Marishane


Merilyn Marishane
Tel: +27 (0)76 511 0874

Too costly to ignore - Violence against women in South Africa

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It is well documented that South Africa has one of the highest rates of gender-based violence (GBV) in the world. But until now what has been less well documented is the economic cost to society of these horrific and unacceptable levels of violence.

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