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In recent years of excess demand and high commodity prices, mining companies could not extract materials out of the ground quickly enough. lesser attention was paid to cost, with the markets more concerned about scale, volume and project portfolios. today, with unpredictable demand, falling prices, rising costs and increasing geological complexities, profitability has become a far higher priority.
When challenges surface, we dig deeper

How KPMG can help you throughout the mining asset lifecycle


Mining organizations encounter different challenges throughout the mining asset lifecycle. KPMG’s experienced mining team can assist clients throughout the entire mining asset lifecycle, including from expansion through to closure.




Organizations need to consider and test their strategies relating to portfolio investment, capital allocation, financing, tax, supply chain, people and stakeholder management.




The global mining sector is continuing to experience a period of dramatic change, with fluctuating demand, price corrections and rising costs becoming a common theme in this dynamic industry.


In the face of fluctuating demand and price volatility, mining companies are relentlessly striving to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, improve processes, control costs and enhance profitability.


Faced with falling revenues and more competitive macroeconomic environment, governments are seeking ways to manage their finances and interests of its citizens




The mining sector is at the heart of the challenges and the solutions to the sustainable development issues facing an increasingly resource constrained world.
Tax Efficiency


Given the complex layers of local and federal taxation systems, it is important to build taxation into a mining organization’s overall business strategy.