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Good leadership has always been instrumental in the successes of institutions and sustaining performance. This has been even more the case in these last few years of rapid change in the global arena. In order to succeed in this new world and experience quality growth, visionary and skilled leadership is vital.
Leadership, as a core KPMG value, builds and sustains our credibility in the business world and in our communities. Our leadership structure is designed to provide quality service to our clients, as well as continually shape our organisation to successfully meet the needs of a changing market place.

Our Chief Executive, Trevor Hoole, is responsible for our overall strategy and for ensuring that our desired outcomes are achieved. His leadership team – the Executive Committee – and Policy Board, chaired by Ahmed Jaffer, works towards implementing, communicating and refining our strategy. With a professional work ethos, firmly rooted in our global values, our leaders work and act with uncompromising professionalism and integrity. Leading by example, this is engendered throughout our organization.

Global leadership

Values & Culture

At the core of KPMG's vibrant culture is a set of values that brings out the best in our people.