South Africa


We understand that the environment needs to be proactively and unambiguously looked after. Consequently, we are investing in responsible energy use, in the education of our people and our communities, and in looking for sustainable solutions to the challenges that face us.

KPMG’s Global Green Initiative is our response to the challenges created by climate change. By taking responsibility for our own carbon footprint and engaging our people, suppliers, clients and communities in doing the same, we can help make a significant difference.


The Global Green Initiative, driven by KPMG International, is based on a three-tiered approach to tackle this challenge by:


  • targeting a reduction (calculated from a 2007 baseline) in the combined carbon footprint of KPMG member firms by 25 percent by the year 2010 through reducing emissions and using renewable energy
  • supporting environmental projects within our wider commitment to our communities
  • working with our suppliers and clients to help them measure, report on and reduce their impact on the environment.


In South Africa we are working together across our business units to achieve the goals of this key initiative. This includes engaging with Sustainability Services for technical insights, the Shared Services Centre for measurement and reporting, our National Office for interacting with our travel agents, Facilities for implementing some of the required actions and our national Corporate Citizenship team for bringing all this together.
Our Responsible Consumption Programme is another way in which we are trying to raise environmental awareness. This programme seeks to introduce and sustain behavioural change regarding the Firm’s environmental responsibility. KPMG people need to know not just what they can do to help the environment, but why they are doing it. This is based on the fundamental principles of rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle.


Rethinking the way we use resources, such as opting for a reusable mug rather than a disposable cup, or installing motion sensor lighting, can help decrease your daily waste output and save money. Reducing the volume of resources we consume such as paper and water, will save money and help the environment. Reusing resources, like donating old office equipment to charity, can help keep waste disposal sites from filling up and help recipients in the process. Finally, recycling allows waste to be reused as new raw material, thereby saving resources like wood and water.