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  • Service: Advisory, Risk & Compliance
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2011/07/19

Orchestrating the New Paradigm 

KPMG's Business Guidelines to Cloud Computing and Beyond


Organisations face immense challenges in the aftermath of the financial crisis. In the current fragile economic climate, IT often represents a costly and rigid structure that does not live up to expectations. Meanwhile, a paradigm shift is taking place: a transition from locally installed and maintained IT towards the centralisation and commoditisation of IT services. A growing number of organisations embrace concepts such as cloud computing in order to reduce IT spending, to increase the speed of implementations and to ensure a progressive business approach.

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This paper helps toward a wider understanding of the ongoing evolution/transition in IT and provides guidance from a business perspective. Just as you might expect from KPMG, we aim to clarify the process, demystifying hype and informing decision-makers with more than the obvious success stories as told by cloud service providers. The paper also addresses the reluctant stance of many 'traditional' IT service integrators.