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  • Service: Advisory, Risk & Compliance, Sustainability Services
  • Industry: Mining
  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 2013/02/01

Expect the unexpected: Building business value in a changing world  

At KPMG’s network of firms we have always been at the forefront of developments that shape business behaviour. This report shows how the resources on which a business relies will become difficult to access and more costly.  The professional firm thus helps businesses to prepare for the possibilities: to expect the unexpected.
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Expect the Unexpected: Building business value in a changing world also explores how population growth, exploitation of natural resources, climate change and other factors are putting the world on a development trajectory that is not sustainable. It further focuses on how this state of the world affects the way business is done.


This report cannot provide all the answers, but it does offer assistance in building business value in a changing world and ignite business action to deliver a future that is both sustainable and profitable.





NeiI Morris
Director, Climate Change & Sustainability Services
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