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  • Type: Press release
  • Date: 2013/06/03

The Role of Cities in Africa’s Rise 

With a population of one billion and an economy likely to double in size from US$2 trillion to US$4 trillion before 2025, Africa has quickly emerged as the next economic driver for the global economy.

While the success of Africa’s rise is well-founded, a far more granular approach to grasping the nuances and realising the opportunities is essential. This goes beyond country-by-country assessments. A deeper assessment of this economic energy and growth reveals that it will be largely driven by Africa’s emerging cities. The nature of the business environment in Africa will increasingly demand a far more city-oriented investment approach.


While boosting strategic infrastructure is more than just the role of cities, the KPMG report 'The Role of Cities in Africa’s Rise', makes clear the importance of the rise of the urban economy in Africa.


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