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  • Industry: Information, Communication & Entertainment
  • Type: Press release
  • Date: 2012/08/16

Customer-centricity the key to growth for the telecoms and convergence markets 

Telecom operators worldwide are facing tough challenges. Growth in the voice market is either saturating or slowing down, leading to declining revenue growth from voice-based data services.

At the same time, strong competition is on the rise from adjacent industries including over-the-top brands and device companies. Social media has demonstrated adequate signals to limit telecom operators’ role in the entire sector. Margins are under threat.


While in most African states voice is still the dominant business for telecom service providers, and likely to remain so, average revenue per user (ARPU) is tapering down because of these challenges. KPMG believes customer focus is essential to successfully overcoming these challenges. “Increasingly, global organisations from services sectors such as telecoms are incorporating customer-centricity in their core business strategy,” says Johan Smith, Director and Head of KPMG Africa Telecom Group (ATG).


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