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  • Date: 2012/11/30

COP 18 at Doha – a key checkpoint in the climate change negotiations 

The upcoming COP 18 meeting at Doha, Qatar, is a key checkpoint in the path to an international agreement on tackling climate change.

The event is expected to provide important substantive and technical direction on the building blocks of a future agreement on sustainability.


Some of the key issues fundamental to COP 18 include:


  • Taking the necessary decisions to ensure that the Kyoto Protocol seamlessly transitions to a second commitment period in 2013
  • Clarifying how the international climate change framework affects people and economies, particularly in developing countries


In order for the agreement to succeed, the benefits of green growth need to be clearer to everyone, particularly in Africa where economic growth and pressing developmental issues are often seen to be at odds with environmental sustainability.


It is important for the private sector to make the case effectively for low-carbon investments, as it will play a key role when it comes to green growth. Read more.


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