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  • Type: Press release
  • Date: 2013/04/03

The BRICS Corridor: Agriculture and Agro-Processing 

BRICS nations have focussed on agriculture and food security as a key development priority since the very first BRIC summit in 2009.

The BRICS Action Plan 2012–2016, has the following five priority areas:


  • Creation of a basic agricultural information exchange system in BRICS countries
  • Development of a general strategy for ensuring access to food for the most vulnerable section(s) of the population
  • Undertaking of measures to reduce the negative impact of climate change on food security
  • Adaptation of agriculture to climate change
  • Enhancement of agricultural technology co-operation and innovation, as well as promotion of trade and investment in agriculture.


Though these areas have clear merit in the medium- to long-term, do they address significant short-term challenges? John McIntosh, Executive Director: Advisory, KPMG in South Africa and Lullu Krugel, Senior Economist, KPMG in South Africa, shared their views during the recently held BRICS Summit 2013. Read More.



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