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Hedge Funds, a catalyst reshaping global investment

Produced by CREATE and KPMG, this is the fourth in the annual series of reports on global fund management. It presents the analysis and conclusions emerging from the most comprehensive research study ever done on the future of hedge funds.
Modified date: 2015/04/20
Survey report

The value of the hedge fund industry to investors

Hedge funds, their role within financial markets and the returns they generate have been under considerable debate since the global financial crisis.
Modified date: 2013/06/27
Business and industry issue; Publication series

The evolution of an industry

This paper features analysis of KPMG and AIMA’s recent survey of 150 global hedge fund managers.
Modified date: 2013/06/27
Survey report

Investment Management

The industry has experienced significant growth in recent years with the global credit crisis creating a sea of change, evolution and opportunity. Investment Management
Modified date: 2013/05/27
Business and industry issue