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    India-South Africa Corridor: Building Relations - February 2011

    2010 marked a milestone in developing bilateral relations and strengthening business partnerships, and highlights the need to further this solidify this relationship.
    Modified date: 2013/05/27
    Business and industry issue

    Whatever one says of India is true. The opposite is also true

    As Western economies begin to recover from the financial crisis, the recession is virtually forgotten in India. After a six-month pause from September 2008, India’s growth began to recover rapidly.
    Modified date: 2013/05/27
    Business and industry issue

    India investing in South Africa and Africa

    Home to over one billion people, Africa has been referred to as ‘the continent whose time has come’. Before the global economic downturn, the majority of African economies had enjoyed notable economic growth.
    Modified date: 2011/09/20
    Business and industry issue

    India-South Africa Corridor - November 2008

    Despite challenges, trade between the India, Brazil, South Africa (IBSA) countries has been on the rise and leaders concluded that trade agreements should focus on complementarities and not destructive competition.
    Modified date: 2011/09/08
    Business and industry issue