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    E-commerce in China: Driving a new consumer culture

    This issue of China 360 breaks down China's explosive e-commerce industry within its business-to-consumer (B2C) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) arenas.
    Modified date: 2014/01/07
    Business and industry issue

    From centrally-planned origins to hybrid market competitors

    Some of the largest and most influential businesses in China – and now the world – are controlled by China's central government, yet this is a model that remains somewhat of a mystery to the business world outside of China.
    Modified date: 2013/07/08
    Business and industry issue

    The Global Reach of China Luxury

    KPMG’s sixth annual report on the luxury market in China addresses the opportunities and challenges faced by some of the world’s most prominent luxury groups.
    Modified date: 2013/06/12
    Survey report

    What’s next for China – the implications for Africa

    Chinese industry is moving up the value chain and a large young workforce will be needed to replace the millions in the ‘factory of the world’. The next manufacturing hub seems to be Africa.
    Modified date: 2013/05/20
    Business and industry issue

    China’s 12th Five-Year Plan: Overview

    China’s 12th Five-Year Plan marks a turning point from the country’s previous emphasis on headline growth. Leaders are now prioritising strategies and measures to ensure long-term prosperity for the entire nation.
    Modified date: 2013/05/20
    Business and industry issue

    The China and Africa dynamic: Looking to the future

    Professor Deborah Brautigam, author of The Dragon’s Gift, was recently interviewed by Glenn Ho, about China-Africa investment and trade.
    Modified date: 2011/10/13
    Business and industry issue

    China’s Energy Sector: A Clearer View

    The growing sophistication of China’s industrial base and the rising power of domestic consumers are critical factors shaping China’s energy needs.
    Modified date: 2011/10/13
    Business and industry issue

    China - South Africa’s friend and brother

    The largest-ever South African business delegation accompanied President Jacob Zuma on a state visit to China, the world’s most populous country and second-largest economy.
    Modified date: 2011/09/05
    Business and industry issue

    Trade, not aid, the future of Africa’s success

    Africa is increasingly being recognised as potentially the next major engine of economic growth. Industries based in China may find Africa a suitable base to set up its operations on the continent.
    Modified date: 2011/07/27
    Business and industry issue