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    Significant changes to regulations concerning global mobility professionals

    South African Immigration Regulations, published in a the Government Gazette on 26 May 2014, introduce a significant amount of change and global mobility professionals dealing with immigration matters.
    Modified date: 2015/04/20
    Press release

    Overhaul of retirement reform loses momentum

    The Treasury’s delay in implementing retirement reform has been met with dismay by some industry players, who view the proposed changes as crucial to improving SA’s low savings rate.
    Modified date: 2014/10/28
    Business and industry issue

    Recent SARS Audit initiative

    SARS has implemented a new initiative concerning employees’ tax audits, aimed specifically at travel allowances, the employees’ tax treatment of remuneration paid to expatriate employees and employee share incentive schemes.
    Modified date: 2014/05/29
    Business and industry issue

    KPMG's Individual Income Tax and Social Security Rate Survey

    The 2010 edition of KPMG's Individual Income Tax and Social Security Rate Survey.
    Modified date: 2013/05/14
    Survey report

    Global Assignment Policies and Practices Survey 2010

    This report has been enhanced to feature an analysis of the survey results by several different factors: headquarters location, organization size, program size, and industry classification.
    Modified date: 2013/05/14
    Survey report

    T-Shirts and Tax

    There has been a recent exchange in the press, contributed to even by SARS, to the effect that when an employer gives an employee some World Cup paraphernalia, that employee would be taxable.
    Modified date: 2013/05/14
    Business and industry issue

    The demise of the company car?

    Over the last decade, the South African tax legislation has been amended to close almost all loopholes and “structuring opportunities” available to individuals.
    Modified date: 2011/08/23
    Business and industry issue

    Employees Tax: SARS’ battle to win a vacation

    As most employers know, fringe benefits are essentially “perks” that employees receive, over and above their cash salaries, which must be included in the calculation to determine the employers’ liability to withhold employees’ tax.
    Modified date: 2011/08/23
    Regulatory update