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    Long-awaited clarity provided by COMESA Competition Commission

    On 31 October 2014, the COMESA Competition Commission published its 2014 Merger Assessment guidelines which provide much needed clarity in so far as merger control is concerned.
    Modified date: 2014/11/10
    Regulatory update

    Competition Act: No fishing allowed

    In 2010 the Supreme Court of Appeal issued a judgement which sent a strong message that the Competition Act has to be interpreted and applied in a manner that is consistent with the Constitution.
    Modified date: 2014/11/07
    Business and industry issue

    Budget Factsheet 2010/11

    A summary of the 2010/11 Budget Proposed Tax Amendments.
    Modified date: 2013/12/02
    Regulatory update

    Key themes from the KPMG post-tax budget speech analysis

    Key themes from the KPMG post-tax budget speech analysis.
    Modified date: 2013/05/14
    Business and industry issue

    The Consumer Protection Act (Sept 2010)

    This booklet briefly highlights some aspects of the Consumer Protection Act of 2008 (CPA).
    Modified date: 2011/10/27
    Regulatory update

    The Companies Act 71 of 2008 Booklet

    The Companies Act 71 of 2008, as amended by the Companies Amendment Act 3 of 2011, and the Companies Regulations 2011 came into effect on 1 May 2011.
    Modified date: 2011/09/15
    Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

    The Consumer Protection Act - Aspects of the Right to Choose

    This article highlights some of the practical implications of the customer’s right to return goods which forms part of the consumer’s broader right to choose.
    Modified date: 2011/09/15
    Business and industry issue

    Competition Law - A change in the law?

    Much has been published in the press in relation to the recent Competition Tribunal (“Tribunal”) case involving the merger between Nedbank Ltd and Imperial Bank Ltd (“the Nedbank case”).
    Modified date: 2011/09/08
    Business and industry issue

    The Consumer Protection Act - Right to Privacy

    The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) contains eight consumer rights. We will briefly discuss the Right to Privacy this month.
    Modified date: 2011/08/23
    Regulatory update

    CIPRO - Certified copies of IDs to be lodged with all applications and transactions

    On 13 July 2010, CIPRO issued a notice that on submission of all CIPRO related “applications and transactions”, identity documents (“IDs”) must be included as part of the application documents.
    Modified date: 2011/08/23
    Regulatory update