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Is issuing debt instruments a viable option for African governments?

Post the 2008 global financial crisis, bank funding has become more difficult to obtain.
Modified date: 2015/10/01
Business and industry issue

The factors that contribute to M&A deal success

“Due to the changing and volatile economic environment and increased shareholder scrutiny, it has become crucial for companies to analyse the factors affecting their M&A deal success.”
Modified date: 2015/09/22
Business and industry issue

The African Debt Market

The African Debt Market report examines the slow development of the African bond market, including the absence of a secondary market as well as underlying issues in the market.
Modified date: 2015/09/17
Survey report

Infrastructure 100: World Markets Report

In an age of austerity and with funding in short supply, governments must make difficult choices about where to focus infrastructure spend. Balancing the aspirations of a nation with the need for true social benefit is not an easy challenge.
Modified date: 2015/04/20
Survey report

New KPMG report spotlights 100 world-class infrastructure projects

New KPMG report spotlights 100 world-class infrastructure projects that balance solving problems of society today while preparing for demands of the future – and eleven of them are in Africa.
Modified date: 2014/11/24
Press release

DealSpace: East Africa

KPMG's quarterly newsletter, Dealspace, provides insights on recent trends and expected developments in M&A and investment activities across Africa.
Modified date: 2014/10/24
Business and industry issue

Revision of the BEE Codes - Revision of Attitude

The Broad-Based Black Economic Act and its Codes, gazetted in 2007, are said to have achieved a measure of success. However, the legislation has also received much criticism from organisations, politicians and the public.
Modified date: 2014/03/26
Business and industry issue

Leveraging BEE

Organisations that fail to capitalise on the synergies afforded them through proper planning and implementation of BEE are ultimately handing out competitive advantage to their proactive counterparts.
Modified date: 2013/08/30
Business and industry issue

Back to the basics...what operators look out for

Telco-Tracker Issue 6 looks at what persuades telecom operators to invest in certain countries and not in others. It also summarises recent events in African telecoms.
Modified date: 2013/07/09
Business and industry issue

Integrated healthcare emerging as a priority

The combination of changing patterns in healthcare demand and rising costs are driving a trend towards the integration of healthcare services in both developed and developing countries.
Modified date: 2013/07/09
Press release; Survey report
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