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The Community Investment Dividend

The methodologies, challenges and considerations for resources companies and government when valuing community investments.
Modified date: 2015/01/30
Survey report

Mining Financial Reporting Survey 2014

KPMG’s Mining Financial Reporting Survey publishes the results of a survey of financial reporting by 25 major mining companies from across the globe.
Modified date: 2015/01/22
Survey report

Trends in taxation: coping with transparency, mining royalties and volatility

The dramatic fall in global mining commodity prices, along with high national deficits and a slow climb out of recession in most economies, has elicited a strong reaction from governments.
Modified date: 2015/01/14
Survey report

Unlocking the potential of Africa's NOCs

This study report focuses on how well NOCs in emerging producer countries in Africa, those which are in pre-exploration, exploration and early development phases, are dealing with the development of technical skills and know-how.
Modified date: 2014/11/05
Benchmarking study

Valuing Social Investment in Mining

This report discusses that by taking a strategic approach to corporate social responsibility, mining companies can maximize the impact of their social investments.
Modified date: 2014/09/23
Survey report

Unlocking the Value of Social Investment

This edition of Sustainable Insight explores corporate and foundation approaches to measuring and reporting social investment, and presents a framework for better measurement and reporting.
Modified date: 2014/05/23
Business and industry issue

Mining risk and assurance: A survival strategy

Faced with falling commodity demand and prices and rising input costs, mining companies are experiencing declining margins.
Modified date: 2014/03/03
Survey report

Strategic integration to unlock potential

Improved dialogue and effective implementation of the national infrastructure development plan could position South Africa’s mining sector to capitalise on the next growth super cycle, say, stakeholders.
Modified date: 2014/02/25
Business and industry issue

Clearing the hurdles to a promising future

Wayne Jansen, global head of mining at KPMG, says that although the mining sector has been in survival mode in recent years, the growth starting to emerge in the global economy gives reason to hope that the situation is set to improve.
Modified date: 2014/02/25
Business and industry issue

‘Immediate steps could improve mining situation’

While in favour of the broad growth goals of the national Infrastructure Development Plan, it is a long term plan, and that while it is being implemented, mines are shutting down and employees are losing their jobs.
Modified date: 2014/02/07
Business and industry issue
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