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Too costly to ignore - A KPMG report about violence against women in South Africa

It is well documented that South Africa has one of the highest rates of gender-based violence (GBV) in the world. But until now what has been less well documented is the economic cost to society of these horrific and unacceptable levels of violence.
Modified date: 2014/09/18
Survey report

Violence against women costs the country R28.4 billion

Gender-based violence (GBV), and in particular violence against women, has increasingly made headlines across the world in the recent year.
Modified date: 2014/09/17
Press release

South Africa needs to industrialise to reach National Development Plan (NDP) targets

Without adequate policy frameworks and planning aimed at adapting the South African economy from ‘consumption based’ to ‘industrialised’, the country will continue on this path of slower growth.
Modified date: 2014/07/31
Press release

2013 Black Economic Empowerment Survey

Responses from survey participants reveal a year-on-year decrease in the average B-BBEE score, in comparison to 2012, according to the recent findings of the annual 2013 KPMG BEE Survey.
Modified date: 2014/07/30
Survey report

Companies face BEE rating decrease

KPMG survey shows BEE goals partially met and probes effects of revised codes.
Modified date: 2014/07/24
Press release

You can’t do it alone: Partnerships are the only way to solve youth unemployment

As leaders and young people around the world are acutely aware, youth unemployment levels are already disturbingly high and the problem is getting worse.
Modified date: 2014/06/09
Business and industry issue

South Africa's National Development Plan

Moving from a current reality of poverty and inequality to a nation with a future secured by prosperity and equity, the NDP presents a compelling blueprint for action.
Modified date: 2014/02/18
Press release

Future State 2030

This report identifies nine global megatrends that are most salient to the future of governments. While their individual impacts will be far-reaching, the trends are highly interrelated.
Modified date: 2014/01/30
Business and industry issue

INSIGHT: Resilience

INSIGHT is a semi-annual magazine that provides a broad scope of local, regional and global perspectives on many of the key issues facing today's global infrastructure industry.
Modified date: 2013/10/21
Business and industry issue

The National Development Plan: Creating ‘the South African Dream’

Key discussion points on the implementation of the NDP from Trevor Manuel, BLSA and KPMG in South Africa
Modified date: 2013/09/26
Press release
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