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E-commerce in China: Driving a new consumer culture

This issue of China 360 breaks down China's explosive e-commerce industry within its business-to-consumer (B2C) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) arenas.
Modified date: 2014/01/07
Business and industry issue

Focusing on Africa-China Trade and Investment

The latest in the KPMG Africa Conversation series discussed China’s role in Africa and possible responses by African countries in dealing with prevailing challenges.
Modified date: 2013/10/28
Press release

From centrally-planned origins to hybrid market competitors

Some of the largest and most influential businesses in China – and now the world – are controlled by China's central government, yet this is a model that remains somewhat of a mystery to the business world outside of China.
Modified date: 2013/07/08
Business and industry issue

Whatever one says of India is true. The opposite is also true

As Western economies begin to recover from the financial crisis, the recession is virtually forgotten in India. After a six-month pause from September 2008, India’s growth began to recover rapidly.
Modified date: 2013/05/27
Business and industry issue

What’s next for China – the implications for Africa

Chinese industry is moving up the value chain and a large young workforce will be needed to replace the millions in the ‘factory of the world’. The next manufacturing hub seems to be Africa.
Modified date: 2013/05/20
Business and industry issue

Doing business in Africa becoming easier

The attractiveness of Africa as an investment destination has been positively impacted by a number of developments in the regulatory environment affecting potential new entrants to markets.
Modified date: 2013/05/15
Business and industry issue

KPMG Africa Conversation: Episode 6 - Transacting in Africa

The ‘Great Africa business migration’ is well underway – whether by existing players expanding into new markets across Africa, by new entrants in search of resources to fuel their own growth, or through direct investments.
Modified date: 2013/05/15
Business and industry issue; Press release

African infrastructure needs bankable opportunities

The recent KPMG-convened Africa Conversation, titled ‘Challenges and Opportunities in African Infrastructure’, highlighted the importance of catalyst projects and the effective use of PPPs to ensure bankable opportunities for African Infrastructure.
Modified date: 2013/05/15
Business and industry issue; Press release

KPMG Africa Conversation: Episode 8 - Considered approach required when exploring opportunities in Africa

Different African regimes mean investors must overcome challenges in tax, diverse markets and corporate governance – KPMG Africa Conversations Series
Modified date: 2013/05/15
Business and industry issue; KPMG information

Investing in turbulent times – the great Africa business migration

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), seven out of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world can be found in Africa.
Modified date: 2011/12/14
KPMG information; Press release
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