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  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 2010/04/13

KPMG’s Global Green Initiative: Progress so far 

KPMG is committed to addressing climate change and KPMG’s Global Green Initiative (GGI) is a vital part of KPMG’s global corporate citizenship, sustainability and social responsibility programmes.

The GGI is a programme aimed at reducing KPMG’s member firms’ combined global carbon footprint by 25% by 2010 from a 2007 baseline. The results for 2008 have now been published, revealing that we have made a significant improvement in our overall environmental performance. At the global level, emissions per full-time equivalent totalled 3.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents, down from 3.6 tonnes in 2007, an average reduction of 10% per employee.


While progress and improvements have certainly been made, with a number of member firms implementing programmes of their own, there remains some way to go before the GGI achieves its ultimate goal. With this in mind, KPMG aims to provide member firm employees with the information and the tools required to improve their own climate impact both in the workplace and at home. Every change made – however small – will go towards the GGI achieving its global target reduction of 25%.


With operations in 144 countries and employing 137 000 people around the world, KPMG can potentially provide a major influence on the world’s business sector, not least through the efforts of its Global Sustainability Services (GSS). Helping clients strategise their response to today’s environmental challenges, KPMG’s GSS provide a range of climate change services, from improving methods of carbon management and evolving green IT strategies to CO2 verification, reporting and offsetting.


KPMG is making strong progress towards our goal. Our firms are learning how to grow their businesses and cut their carbon and their costs. That’s a win all round. We are determined to lead in this area and our people implore us to get ahead in the task.



Lord Michael Hastings CBE,
Global Head of Citizenship and Diversity, KPMG International