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  • Service: Infrastructure, Marketing and Communications
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 2009/10/28

Giving Back - Third Edition 

Caring about the communities in which we live and work is one of the cornerstones of KPMG’s values. In 2001, KPMG became the first of the ‘Big Four’ to launch a global community involvement programme called 'KPMG Community Matters’. Today, this commitment is embedded in our global values. Our ambitions for practically making a difference continue to grow exponentially and we are proud of all that we’ve already achieved.

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Through active engagement in the various initiatives that we support, by contributing their time, money and skills, our people are inspired, challenged and empowered. In addition to the personal satisfaction derived from helping those in need, there are substantial opportunities to develop professional skills, enhance team building and communication, and learn how to cope with adversity – turning difficult situations into rewarding experiences.
Transforming South African society is a business imperative; it is also the right thing to do. As such, we believe that our Corporate Social Investment programme is good for business, good for our people and good for the communities we are able to support. Our people are passionate about using their skills, resources and influence to positively shape the world around us – making a difference and inspiring others to do likewise.