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  • Industry: Power & Utlities
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2011/10/31

Power and Utilities: KPMG’s Profile and Perspectives

Around the world, the power and utilities sector is facing unprecedented change and challenges. Businesses in this sector need forward thinking advice and practical strategies from professionals who understand their businesses and their challenges.

Sub-Saharan Electricity Outlook brochure 

Sub-Saharan Africa consists of 49 countries and has a combined population of over half-a-billion people, or about eight percent of total world population. Its landmass is 19.5 million square km or 13 percent of the world total.

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The countries in sub-Saharan Africa have very different backgrounds and the constituent countries are therefore not easily comparable. This is primarily due to their history of colonialist regimes and their tribal backgrounds in both cultural diversity and language. Most of the countries are rich in natural resources such as minerals as well as resources suitable for power generation (ie, hydro, coal, oil and gas, geothermal and solar radiation).


The level of development varies greatly, too. Therefore for the purpose of this Outlook, we are focusing on the electricity-related issues that selected countries have in common.

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