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  • Industry: Pharmaceutical
  • Date: 2011/06/24


KPMG’s Pharmaceuticals team offers industry advisory, assisting businesses from biotechnology start-ups to large multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Issues Monitor: The Pharmaceuticals industry - June 2011 

Since 2009, countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China and India have instituted laws targeting unethical practices in the pharmaceutical industry. US courts and regulators have imposed the stiffest penalties and settlements. Investors consider whistleblower lawsuits filed against companies in the US such an attractive bet, that hedge funds specialise in litigation finance.
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Multinational pharmaceutical companies should expect continuing strong enforcement of existing regulations, and new ones designed to ensure the safety of drug supply. Companies must anticipate, understand and comply with local as well as global regulations. The number and value of class action suits, from cases where people may have been harmed, is also expected to keep rising.


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