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  • Industry: Automotive
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2013/03/07

KPMG International 14th Global Automotive Executive Survey 

Fuel efficiency is still the top concern among a cost-conscious driving public. With no a clear course on electro-mobility, global automakers plan to continue to optimise the internal-combustion engine (ICE) to address this concern. However, greater investment into hybrid plug-in fuel systems will take place through to 2018. This has come out of the KPMG International 14th Global Automotive Executive Survey, released earlier this week. Other key highlights from the survey include the fact that:
  • Enthusiasm over pure electro-mobility technology is waning
  • Cost keeps fuel efficiency a prime factor in purchasing decisions
  • Emerging markets trend toward upscale vehicles while mature markets downsize
  • Traditional dealership models are fading as online activity grows


Read the full story and download the survey.


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