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  • Industry: Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Power & Utlities, Mining
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2009/12/03

Energy sector outlook — December 2009 

Current economic conditions and capital expenditure requirements are raising concerns about future profitability for energy companies. Regulatory change is influencing the way companies operate and strategize. Technology is playing an important role in reshaping the industry and presenting new opportunities, particularly in renewable energy.

Energy sector outlook
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This publication is a roundtable discussion on the outlook for the energy sector with eight leaders in finance and energy. The publication originally appeared in Financier Worldwide magazine. The roundtable includes Jimmy Daboo, Partner, KPMG LLP, who specializes in global energy and natural resources.


The roundtable discussed financial issues for the sector, including how limited availability of financing has affected key strategies. It also discussed some of the major legal and regulatory developments impacting energy and utilities companies, the core principles of government energy policies in different regions, the extent environmental issues dominate management thinking.


Discussion covered the trends in the push for renewable energy, the underlying drivers of M&A activity in the sector over the last 12-18 months, and the factors affecting current valuations for energy and utilities companies. The roundtable also included participants’ predictions for the year ahead in terms of challenges and opportunities in this sector.