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  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2013/08/05


KPMG are experts in the Telecommunications industry. Our Business and financial advisors offer professional services for communications and entertainment companies.

In search of a better customer experience: An expanded view  

A global customer experience study of the mobile market

Delivering a great customer experience is now top priority for many telecoms companies. As the range of products and service options increases, the customer experience has become a critical differentiator. Staff at every level - and even suppliers - are rated against the customer experience they deliver, and are rewarded accordingly.

But how do you really understand and assess the experience your company delivers?

At KPMG, we aimed to achieve this understanding by becoming the customer.

  • We ‘mystery shopped’ prepaid mobile products and services in 25 countries and from 106 operators.
  • We experienced customer service through retail, online and contact center channels.
  • We developed powerful insights into how operators are really performing as they strive to deliver a great customer experience.

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