South Africa


  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2009/09/10

Frontiers in Finance - March 2009 

The crisis is far from over. Determined action by governments and regulators seems to have stabilised the banking system and headed off a catastrophic collapse.
Frontiers in Finance - March 2009
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But in stormy times, the atmosphere remains fearful, credit is still tight and the twin perils of recession and financial protectionism have the potential to inflict lasting damage on the real economy.
Our challenge in this issue of Frontiers in Finance is to look beyond the immediate turmoil, and to try to identify themes and pointers to how the financial services landscape will evolve in the months and years to come. With a clearer view of the possible future, financial institutions can begin to rebuild and develop their businesses with slightly greater confidence.