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  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2010/09/16

Financial Services

KPMG's Financial Services practice prides itself in the specialist interest groups structured to cater for the complex requirements of the South African financial services environment.

Frontiers in Finance - June 2010 

As markets continue to recover from the financial crisis, companies are shifting their focus back to the customer and their specific requirements. To rebuild consumer trust in financial services and capitalise on arising opportunities, it is imperative that customer centricity is at the core of new and developing strategies.
Frontiers in finance
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In this changing regulatory environment, Scott Marcello, Linda Gallagher and Michael Bernaski advocate the importance of client centricity and matching new business strategies to customer requirements in “It’s all about me” Putting the focus bank on the customer.


With A view from the market: Retail banking in Europe, Ruth Horgan speaks to Leo Salom, Chief Executive, Global Retail Banking Western Europe at Barclays, about the challenges for the industry and where the focus should be.

Tying in with the focus on the Soccer World Cup in South Africa this month, we have an African feature. This highlights the challenges and successes of providing tailored financial service offerings to the small business end of the market, along with addressing the local geographical nuances that reflect and impact upon customer needs, particularly with the current regulatory reforms.


Other articles in this edition include:


  • Is privacy a luxury? Private banking is changing
  • A clearer view: Increasing transparency and complexity in tax reporting
  • Changing gears: Rethinking a bank’s approach to soft controls
  • Ripe for investment: Opportunities in US commercial real estate
  • Truth and fairness: Reputation and risk in auditing
  • In demand: The talent challenge in strategic procurement
  • State of the nation: Key issues in investment management.

Africa feature


  • A game of two halves: The contrast in financial services
  • The financial crisis in Africa… Its impact and the resulting regulatory response
  • Finance for small business: Incubator financing in South Africa
  • Saving together: Informal savings and funeral schemes at work
  • Under control: The changing role of corporate governance.