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  • Service: Audit, Advisory, Tax
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2011/05/26

Africa Regulatory Center of Excellence

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KPMG’s Financial Services Regulatory Centers of Excellence, our firms' leading global regulatory experts, can provide insights into the implications of the raft of regulatory change and the direction of developments around the world.

The Implications of Recovery and Resolution Plans 

Developing Recovery and Resolution Plans (RRPs) requires management to look at the business in a new and strategic way, assessing the priorities and practicalities which must be addressed both now and should an RRP be triggered.
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The financial crisis demonstrated that large, complex and interconnected financial institutions can generate disproportionate risks to financial stability. Policy makers have agreed that SIFIs must accept broader and more in-depth measures to avoid these vast impacts in future. But while they work out the overall picture, firms need to consider the implications of the potential outcomes, in order to influence their regulator and the wider debate.


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