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  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2013/05/21

Evolving Distribution Models in Asset Management Report 

In this report, the second of the Agile Asset Manager series, the focus is on the Evolving Distribution Models in Asset Management, in particular, the forces that are leading to a reshaping of distribution functions and how different elements of the model are changing.

The report provide insight into the strategies being deployed and pose questions in relation to whether distribution functions are structured in the best way to optimise client proximity, if client relationships are being managed in the most effective way across the business and how managers are upskilling and enhancing capabilities.


We interviewed 25 CEOs and Heads of Distribution from a range of leading asset managers with US, European and Global footprints to gather their thoughts and perspectives.


Key findings from our research:


  • Asset managers must create a distribution model which best fits their business strategy.
  • Breaking down silos is critical to improve coordination, collaboration and effectiveness.
  • Client segmentation and improved coverage models are important to enhance the quality and effectiveness of client interactions.
  • Deeper skills and capabilities are required to support richer and more relevant client-centric dialogues.
  • The broader operating model must be aligned to enable and deliver the intended change.

Read the full summary.


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