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  • Industry: Financial Services
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  • Date: 2013/09/20

Basel 4 – Emerging from the mist? 

Regulators around the world – and the banks themselves – have fast-tracked the implementation of Basel 3 as a safeguard against another financial crisis, raising the capital levels that banks must hold.
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Recent developments are likely to result in three changes that might form the basis of Basel 4:


  • Requiring banks to meet a higher minimum leverage ratio;
  • Restricting the advantages to banks of using internal models to calculate their capital requirements; and
  • Greater disclosure by banks.


Possible implications for banks


These moves towards Basel 4 have three major implications. First, banks are likely to face significantly higher capital requirements. Second, banks will likely need to improve their capital management. Third, a less risk-sensitive approach to both capital ratios and internal modelling is likely to force banks to re-evaluate the balance between lower and higher risk businesses.


‘More and more of everything’


Basel 3 is but one element of the multiplicity of regulatory reforms under way – the ‘more and more of everything’ approach to regulation. Banks need to consider the combined impact of all these initiatives, in addition to the impact of Basel 3 and of moves towards Basel 4, on their strategies and business models


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