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  • Service: Advisory
  • Industry: Chemicals, Financial Services
  • Type: Video
  • Date: 2014/03/28
  • Length: 3:22 Minutes

Knowledge as an Asset: Driving Value and Managing Risks [video] 

Procurement organisations have the capability to build or buy their knowledge assets based on resources and research needed for the overall organisation. Fredrick Spalcke, Chief Procurement Officer of Philips, discusses how procurement organisations can, and ultimately should, leverage internal expertise for supplier analysis to promote knowledge transfer and build competencies internally. Spalcke discusses retention of people as the leading solution to the growing risk of intellectual property rights. Ensuring key resources are satisfied and fulfilled will forever be paramount to procurement organisations and businesses alike.
Fredrick Spalcke, Philips
Fredrick Spalcke is the Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer of Royal Philips. Before joining Philips, in 2012, Mr. Spalcke worked for several multinational companies in executive leadership roles, building a successful international career with a strong track record of restructuring and delivering results, based on a broad experience in Corporate Strategy, M&A, Logistics and Procurement.

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