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  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2010/05/04

Agenda: Issue 5 - March/April 2010 

In light of the ongoing recovery from the economic crisis, the latest edition of Agenda highlights the economic and political resilience of the US as it faces and emerges from the crisis. If the government executes its role wisely and if it tunes its business models to the changing times, the US economy will no doubt recover faster than expected.
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In What Business Intelligence Can Do for Your Bottom Line, Paul Simpson explains how businesses can improve performance significantly by offering the right information to the right people at the right time. He suggests seven ways the right data could transform business performance. He further explains how under the pressure of the credit crunch, companies are tempted to invest less in business intelligence when they ought to spend more. If managers trust the data they use — and the data that is relevant and accurate — they are in a better position to make the right decisions. Paul Simpson explores Warren Buffett’s deep understanding of capital and business value in Ask Yourself: Could a Fool Run Your Business? Someday a Fool Probably Will. This issue of Agenda analyzes the strategies that helped Buffett reach where he is today and considers what might be next on his to-do list.


In the article Time to Reinvent the Multinational, William J Holstein examines how emerging economies are set to revolutionize multinationals. In a global economy, the ability of firms to manage their employees and other resources spread across continents is becoming more and more critical. Businesses that have not taken into account these potential revolutionary changes might have obsolete business models and may need to strategically reinvent and/or restructure themselves. In this issue of Agenda, we also include In Infrastructure: Are We Getting Anywhere? wherein senior executives Pat Flaherty, Ryan Orr and Nick Chism express their views on how deep the global infrastructure crisis is and whether government and business can help tackle it together.


Other articles in this edition include the following:


  • What’s Rupert’s secret?
  • JFK’s taxing paradox
  • Top 10 issues that matter
  • Nurture your profits
  • The PT Barnum precedent – Why businesses seeking growth should learn to unlock their inner entrepreneur


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