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  • Industry: Business Desk, Africa
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 2010/10/07

Africa Business Desk

KPMG's Africa business desk provides consistent, high-quality services to multinational, regional and local clients and to enhance product offerings in certain previously under-serviced markets.

Serving clients across Africa - Our African Footprint 2010 

The African continent has shown consistent economic growth in recent times and has been attracting investment into its emerging markets. Though it is not without its challenges, we believe that Africa is perfectly poised for its long-awaited and much-needed golden era. KPMG firms in Africa are well positioned to offer our clients a level of service they expect from a leading professional services organisation like KPMG.

We see Africa as a continent whose time has come. Africa has been rising fast – outstripping the world average growth rate in recent years. This continent is full of opportunities and possibilities, illustrated by the significant interest it has already attracted from the three economic blocks – the US, the EU and Asia.


KPMG firms work together across Africa to provide services to multi-national, regional and local clients. We believe our firms are well positioned to meet our clients’ needs across Africa, we are established in 24 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and have representation in 30 additional countries across the continent.


Our objectives in Africa are to provide a consistent, high-quality and integrated service to our firms’ clients; enhancing our service offering in previously under-serviced markets and growing new markets. Through our established network we can be where our firms’ clients are; with an understanding of local conditions. We give clients direct access to our firms’ outstanding professionals and our best available global resources; working across the region to deliver value.