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  • Service: Advisory
  • Type: Video
  • Date: 2013/11/25
  • Length: 3:34 Minutes

Data and society [video] 

We are seeing and experiencing a transition from the 'Digital Age' into the 'Analytical Age'. The evolution of technology has seen a gradual change in the technology life cycle of an organization. And the evolution and development in the topic of Big Data has had a significant impact on how organizations view and manage data.

But the impact of data is not unique to business. Effective use of data and analytics can have huge impact on society, especially in areas such as healthcare.


Frank Rizzo, Partner, KPMG in South Africa, explains how recent advances in analytics have created unparalleled opportunities for Africa's businesses and governments to learn more about their customers, their targets and themselves.


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Frank Rizzo
Technology sector leader at KPMG in South Africa