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Africa is big news in telecommunications. As opportunities for straightforward subscriber growth dwindle in other parts of the world, investors are flocking to this continent where there are estimated to be at least 500 million potential mobile subscribers.
At the end of 2008, the average mobile penetration rate of the 22 African mobile markets that Business Monitor International regularly surveys was 55%. Bearing in mind that the most developed mobile markets in Africa, such as South Africa and Algeria, are included in this select group, the average for the continent as a whole was much lower.

The mobile subscriber year-on-year growth rate across these 22 countries was over 33% in 2009. Clearly, there is still excellent growth potential in these markets and as such there is continued interest from foreign investors in this very attractive market.

Telecommunications in Africa is one of the most promising sectors for future growth and development and, while we still think about subscriber growth, the time is ripe to go big in the field of mobile commerce and to seriously consider the roles of mobile in the health and education sectors.

How we can help

KPMG understands that our clients look for a relationship based on trust and facilitated by regular and open communications. We’re pleased that many of the world’s largest information, communications and entertainment companies view KPMG people as experts in their fields and have chosen KPMG member firms as their business and financial advisors. It is a distinction our professionals work hard to earn each and every day.
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KPMG aims to build on our strong reputation in the telecoms marketplace. Our vision is to be the chosen business partner across Africa for specialist telecoms advice and insight. For this purpose, the Africa Telecoms Group (ATG) has been established.


To capitalise on the capabilities that KPMG has already developed elsewhere in the world and to add to the range of services and solutions that KPMG already delivers on the African continent, the Africa Telecoms Group has entered into a joint venture relationship with KPMG in Portugal and KPMG in India.


    Some of the key benefits of this relationship are:


    • A much stronger African based capability to deliver projects to the major telecoms companies across the continent
    • That both joint venture parties have very specific knowledge and capabilities in the telecoms sector to expand on KPMG’s current capabilities in Africa
    • The capability to facilitate knowledge transfer to KPMG employees in Africa, as retaining and training talent is one of the firm’s values.

The Africa Telecommunications Group, with its joint venture partners, has tailored solutions to assist operators across Africa to maximise on business opportunities and enhance stakeholder value. Some of the services and solutions that we offer include:


  • External audits
  • Segment and commercial performance
  • Suite of revenue assurance services
  • End to end logistics optimisation
  • Field force and call centre optimisation
  • Business plan review and strategy evaluation
  • Domain training programmes and workshops
  • Retention strategy
  • Finance function transformation field force and call centre optimisation
  • Programme Management Office (PMO)
  • Taxation advisory (both direct and indirect)
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Business continuity planning
  • Process modelling (e-TOM)
  • Mobile commerce assistance
  • Shared services development
  • Market and competition assessment
  • Suite of revenue assurance services
  • Continuous monitoring around revenue assurance activities
  • Forensic advisory
  • Business plan reviews
  • Risk management
  • Internal audit
  • Telecom network audits
  • Contract compliance reviews
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Domain training and workshops
  • Transaction assistance services
  • New product development and pricing model reviews
  • Cost optimisation
  • Business due diligence
  • Finance function transformation
  • HR advisory services
  • Sustainability reviews
  • Outsourcing cost model reviews and advisory
  • ABC costing development
  • Operational efficiency reviews
  • Procurement transformation.

The ATG Team


The Africa Telecoms Group is led by Johan Smith from KPMG in South Africa.


The ATG team has the experience, resources, and skills to work with telecoms clients in Africa to address issues impacting their business.

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