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For today’s oil and gas companies, dealing with complexity has become a competitive challenge. Numerous industry features are constantly adding to the complexity of the operating environment. Global competition and environmental regulations and concerns are some of the issues that introduce new layers of complexity into business decisions.

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) is a key component of the global energy supply mix and it is a strategic focus area for global oil and gas companies. LNG is seen as a high growth market set to last for the next decade and beyond. As a leading provider of professional services to oil and gas companies and particularly the LNG industry, we recognise developing issues, opportunities and trends, and the importance of sharing our industry observations with our clients.  



Responding to industry issues


Major Projects: Investing in the future

Energy companies reevaluate their projects to ensure it will deliver value of the business, while ensuring effective risk and project management, controls and practices apply.

Shale Gas: A new global energy landscape

Shale Gas is transforming the energy sector, with the exploitation of significant shale reserves in various regions it is changing the face of the energy sector.

Transactions: Expanding your business

Energy companies are managing their risks and obligations, while moving to grow and focus their business through investments and transactions.

GCC Energy Conference

KPMG GCC Energy Conference focuses on the key issues and topics facing the Oil and Gas industry. It has become one of the headline events in the region and brings together the top minds in the Oil and Gas industry.

Market Update: Oil & Gas

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Market update: Oil & Gas - January 2015
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KPMG Global Energy Conference


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KPMG have launched the first edition of our new multi-media magazine and app for business leaders working in the Oil & Gas industry.