South Africa

Steven Briers 


Steven is the global lead for KPMG Risk-Based Strategies, a service that helps clients to transform risk and signals of change into value.


Risk-Based Strategies was borne out of the realization that clients are increasingly using insights about emerging risk, disruptive technologies and signals of change as a lever for value creation rather than merely addressing them in a defensive way.


This service provides clients with customized insights into specific signals of change that could be a threat or an opportunity for their business; and applies a series of diagnostic tools that reveal how these signals of change could be turned to the client’s advantage. 


Steven has worked in various risk-related disciplines for most of his working career, and he spent many years working for risk consulting groups before joining KPMG South Africa in 2003 where he became responsible for establishing and managing their enterprise risk management national practice. Steven has performed consulting assignments in various industry sectors in over 30 countries worldwide.


He has a Doctorate of Business Leadership and has authored a book entitled A New Language of Risk (Unisa Press).   



+27 (0)82 719 0336  

Service: Advisory