South Africa

Corporate Citizenship 

One of KPMG’s global values is our commitment to our communities. KPMG in South Africa is committed to putting our skills to work in partnerships with Government, Business and Non-profit organisations to address issues of Education, Development and the Environment.
Corporate Citizenship

KPMG is a business. It is expected by all our stakeholders that we should remain profitable and gain quality growth. Our role as a leading Corporate Citizen allows us to do this in a responsible and sustainable way.


The term Corporate Citizenship speaks of a much more active and engaged approach to tackling our societies major issues. It goes beyond charitable giving and volunteering on community schemes, although those these remain very important too.
KPMG in South Africa, is aligned with KPMG’s global Corporate Citizenship programme, realises the importance of building a sustainable future for our nation. Transformation is at the core of our strategy. We believe that Transformation is about more than just numbers on a scorecard; it's about changing hearts and minds.


We are making a significant contribution at a local level. We are committed to continuously finding ways to lend our skills and experience – the core tools we use daily – to make a difference and help bring about a more sustainable world.

Giving Back - Third Edition

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Caring about the communities in which we live and work is one of the cornerstones of KPMG’s values. This third edition of Giving Back provides an overview of KPMG’s contributions to our communities.